Returned Check/Refund/Cancellation Policies

Please don't bounce your check! :)


If your check bounces, along with the fee that your bank charges you, our bank charges us too.

You agree to pay a Returned Check Fee of $25.00 for any check or other instrument for payment each time it is returned unpaid.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Once a Vendor/Patron has been accepted to participate in an event and Vendor/Patron withdraws from said event, Handmade NW will not refund any fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A replacement vendor will only be accepted upon prior approval from Handmade NW.

If Vendor/Patron is in any violation of a Handmade NW or event policy, Handmade NW may choose to close the Vendor/Patron booth/area and no refund of fees will be given.

Weather Cancellation Policy

All indoor/outdoor events will be held rain, snow, or shine! Events MAY be canceled due to conditions beyond our control, EXCESSIVE/HAZARDOUS inclement weather or weather that has been declared a state emergency. If an event is canceled AFTER logistical, insurance and advertising arrangements have been made, we will endeavor to arrange another date in the near future. Although, most likely fees will NOT be able to be applied to future events. We will try to do our best to give a partial refund, but MAY not be able to give any rebate. This is due to ALL booth fees are allocated for event planning.

An event may be canceled on the spot due to EXCESSIVE/HAZARDOUS weather conditions. In such case, no refunds or credits will be issued.

At outdoor events, we suggest to bring your own canopy with walls and 50 lb weights per leg or work out canopy sharing with your booth partner.

If inevitable excessive inclement weather is expected, it is your responsibility to check this website for any updates and/or your email address. Cancellation of an event is at the sole discretion of Handmade NW and/or event space property management and such decisions will be final.