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Sakura Beaded Earring

Providence Silver Beaded Necklace

The name LorienWorks is inspired by the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. In Tolkien's Silmarillion, the world of Middle Earth is created through music, orchestrated by one God (Eru). Under Eru's rule are beings called the Valar (we might think of them as archangels), and each one specializes in an aspect of creation. Some of the Valar delight in flowers and trees, others in stones and precious gems, still others in sea and surf, sun and stars, the list goes on.

The name Lorien refers primarily to the most beautiful garden in the world of Middle Earth, filled with silver willows, fountains, and singing nightingales. It also refers to one Vala who spent so much time in these gardens, that he became known by the name "Lorien" as well. Lorien is the Vala Master of Dreams.

My vision for LorienWorks is to create wearable art that is beautiful, refreshing, and symbolic, in the spirit of Lorien. Art can symbolize many kinds of ideas, truths, stories, characters, and archetypes. Wearable art is a kind of self-expression that can be grounding, liberating, and fun!


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