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Vendors for OHSU Center for Developmental Health: Have A Heart For Mom Bazaar 2018! on Tuesday, May 8th & Wednesday, May 9th, 2018


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Sublime Designers LLC

BLACK WIDOW REVEALS YOUR AMOROUSLY ADDICTED GODDESS with this smooth & creamy berry/vanilla scented hydrating healer. Leaving your body feeling velvety smooth while others are taking note of the dark sensation of temptation that is your enticing secret.

FEEL THE PINK SUGAR MAGIC OF THE DECEPTIVELY SWEET SILKINESS. Inspired by the youthful, sweet & sassy fragrance that teases your skin into a soft, smooth, & supple touch, Ping Sugar is your flirty little secret.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Sublime Designers’ body butters are scientifically formulated to nourish and drastically improve the texture of your skin. With every ingredient handpicked for their beneficial skin properties; once you’ve tried Sublime body velvets, you won’t want to use regular body butters or lotions ever again.

Each Certified Organic ingredient, used in Sublime Designer’s body butter, has been checked on the Safe Cosmetics Database and, where possible, has been sourced locally to Portland.

Our attitude to life is to have fun, be bold, and own our sassiness. If we had to describe our skincare line in one flavor it would be anything but vanilla. But, if it was vanilla, it would be the top-quality kind (you know, the kind with the little flecks). It would also be outrageously delicious. Now that we mention it, we do have a body butter with vanilla, an edgier not-at-all-plain kind of vanilla with an enviable wild side.

Comes in 8oz and 1.6oz.

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