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**Anne Johnson Enamels**

Anne Johnson Enamels

These pretty little hearts are all vitreous enamel on copper.

These large (1 1/2" -2") pendants are domed copper that has been enameled and placed in a setting especially made to fit each piece. Little windows of clear enamel let the pretty copper shine through on some pieces.

I just love the vibrant colors of enamel and like using clear enamel to let the beautiful copper shine through!

I use a kiln and/or torch fire the pieces to create a variety of effects. Sometimes premade copper shapes are used and sometimes I use a jeweler’s saw to hand cut shapes from a sheet of copper. Then powdered enamel glass is adhered to the copper and fired to about 1500 degrees! Fine silver foils, millefiori (flower dots) and texture are used to create visual interest. As the layers of glass are added and fired slight variations occur, each piece is totally unique.

In addition to wearable art, I also create wall hangings. I fire and frame enameled panels and create mixed media projects with enameled pieces incorporated in paintings.

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