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Tickled Pink Pottery

This is a white yarn bowl with an added blue heart for decoration. It's perfect for the yarn enthusiast whether crocheting or knitting, the yarn is weighted in the bowl and threaded through the cut out in the bowl preventing the yarn from being tangled

Beautiful one of a kind cobalt and brown decorative teapot. I like to make not only functional teapots, but ones that can be very decorative. Displayed on the counter top for everyone to see as your tea stays hot. It is also microwave safe

My clay journey began with my husband encouraging me to pursue a hobby besides cleaning. As a young mother all of my focus was on my two children Kimberly and Kevin. As they became teenagers they no longer needed me as much. My husband had many hobbies wood working, metal, flying helicopters but I had never thought of needing something for myself. I tried a couple of things: stained glass, sewing, crocheting and those are are all fine things, but what I found was my true calling is pottery. Several years ago about fall 2006, I signed up for my first pottery class. I was so excited, I could hardly wait for it to start. When it did,I was hooked. For Christmas my husband bought me a pottery wheel and I was thrilled. I flung a lot of clay on the floor at first and he thought surely I would give up and move on to something else. I stayed with it. As money permitted I signed up for a class at the local art center and then at the community college. My first pieces were pretty ugly (I still have a few) but little by little I learned, and I stuck with it. I still have my "day job". I am an Esthetician/ Makeup Artist and I love that too. I work at Tickled Pink Airbrush, I sell on Amazon and E Bay and on my website. In my off time I am out in my half of the garage creating with clay. Over the years my husband has gotten me most of my equipment. We both like to shop on Craigslist and most of my pottery equipment has come from there. I like to challenge myself to make new pieces. I make most of my own glazes. I fire everything except the raku pieces in my Scutt electric kiln. My first raku pieces were fired in my back yard in a small raku kiln made from a metal garbage can, burner and a propane tank. In 2014 I was able to purchase a larger raku kiln, I am now finally able to raku fire more than one piece at a time!! It's a very exciting process, taking out a pot at 1800 degrees with long handle tongs and placing the red hot piece in a smaller metal garbage can with usually news paper to let it catch fire and then put a lid on it and let it smoke for 20-30 minutes. It's the only part of the pottery process my husband enjoys.

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