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Scrumptious Suds

Bebida de Primavera Glycerin Soap

Rose City Martini Glycerin Soap

Founded in 2005, Scrumptious Suds is a delicious line of bath and body treats, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

My bath and body treats are inspired by favorite cocktail and dessert recipes and crafted from natural and local ingredients. These unique and one of a kind artisan soaps and other body products blend the best essential oils, seeds, citrus peels, and spices to promote a healthy diet for those hungry seeking a refreshing bath and body spa experience!

A full time one-woman operation, Scrumptious Suds has a substantial and dedicated customer base that follows my social media event updates. My customers regularly attend these events to replenish their Scrumptious Suds supply! Additionally, my products are carried throughout shops and boutiques in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

My soaps are crafted from a gentle, moisturizing, vegetable base and do not leave any residue. They also create a creamy rich lather. So, they last a long time!

Coloring only comes from natural ingredients. All soaps are vegan (with the exception of honey that is used in the Portland Chai Tea) and ninety-five percent of my materials are bought locally! Scrumptious Suds recycles.

Each recipe is originally designed and created. All 20 recipes are distinct and meticulously formulated with specific oils, herbs, spices, and citrus peels to achieve an irresistible, individual fragrance spa experience.

Scrumptious Suds
Scrumptious Suds Etsy

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