Food, Cosmetics and Soap Vendor Policies


Food, health, soap, cosmetics, body, bath and beauty production must be handmade and/or created by said artisan/vendor. Items must have been created in the North West region of the United States (Vancouver, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Northern California).

Handmade NW does not allow for factory-made, manufactured and/or imported types of comestibles.

ALL food, health, soap, cosmetics, body, bath and beauty vendors must be in compliance with health, safety, and associated laws.


Food Safety:

Questions regarding safe and appropriate food handling need to be directed and are not limited to:

Cosmetics, Soap, Health, Body, Bath and Beauty:

Questions regarding health, soap, body, bath and beauty products need to be directed and are not limited to:


Handmade NW, its organizers, its agents, event space and their owners, agents and customers shall not be held liable for damages to exhibitor's wares or personal property or for loss or injury caused by products sold, consumed, sampled or exhibited by exhibitors. Insurance for loss, damages or injury to Contractor/Vendor's property, to Contractor/Vendor or anyone helping the Contractor/Vendor at the booth space shall be the sole responsibility and cost of the Contractor/Vendor. The Contractor/Vendor will not be a party to any lawsuit. This is a legal and binding hold harmless agreement. The Contractor/Vendor also agree to comply with the established RULES, TERMS, CONDITIONDS, and GUIDELINES of Handmade NW and the event space of such planned events. Contractor/Vendor knows the role of Handmade NW and the event space owners is simply to provide the Contractor/Vendor with a selling space.

By accepting the terms and conditions of this document Patron/Vendor has agreed to the terms, conditions, guidelines, rules and regulations of Handmade NW LLC.