Terms, Conditions and Guidelines

of Handmade NW LLC and its Artisan Fairs/Events


  1. All products must be designed or created and assembled by a PacNW exhibitor. No replacement/other representatives (unless approved by HMNW organizers prior to participation) can show or sell products. Person(s) at booth must represent their own handmade product.
  2. Absolutely no items or articles that are not handmade will be allowed. All items must be in good taste with no reference to race or religious prejudice. No selling of manufactured items, imported items or selling of raw materials may be allowed. Craft person must be present.
  3. Additional Restrictions: Jewelry – all items must be one-of-a-kind and unique. All items must be designed or created by exhibitor. Imported stringed beads will not be accepted. T-shirts – must be hand painted, airbrushed or silk-screened. ALL designs that are to be replicated on to clothing and/or such materials MUST be designed by the Handmade NW artisan/member. Framed Items – must be painted or worked by hand. Framed originals may be permitted.
  4. No commercially made items.
  5. To be eligible for membership and to participate in our events you must reside in the Pacific Northwest.
  6. I have read all the rules carefully and agree to abide by them. I understand that all the decisions made by Handmade NW its owners/members/organizers are made in keeping with the overall objectives and quality of a handmade art and craft event experience.

Event Application/Acceptance:


Once event applications are closed and HMNW organizers have determined artisan participants (usually a few business days after event application closure), applicants will receive an email notification of acceptance or regret within a week of event closure. Once you have received your acceptance notification, an invoice for the balance of the booth fee will be sent. Vendors will have approximately 7 days to complete full payment to secure their booth space. About 1-2 weeks before the event, participating vendors will receive event instructions, including load in and out details and event-specific information.

Remember, it is your responsibility to follow up on your application. If you do not receive any confirmation within a timely manner, you should contact us at handmadenw@gmail.com. Complications with an outdated or incorrect e-mail address may account for your not receiving a confirmation notification. Please make sure your email address is correct.

Applying for an event does not guarantee acceptance into an event.

For most events, there are many more applications than available booth spaces.

Acceptance into one event does not guarantee acceptance into all events.

Please remember, HMNW reserves the right to create a balance of artisans within each event.

Handmade NW reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any applicant/vendor, to any event, at anytime.

To view your event status, please log in your account and click on "My Events".

Displays and Decorations and Wares- Patron's Property:

Any personal/business property of Patron/Vendor or Patron's/Vendor's employees, guests or invitees brought onto the event space premises and left thereon, either prior to or following the event, will be at the sole risk of Patron/Vendor and Handmade NW nor it's owners/members/organizers will not be liable for any loss of or damage to this property for any reason. Patron/Vendor acknowledges that Handmade NW nor it's owners/members/organizers does not maintain insurance covering Patron's/Vendor's property and that it is the sole responsibility of Patron/Vendor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by Patron/Vendor.

Conduct of Event and Use of Facility/Area:

Damage to the Event Space/Building:

The Patron/Vendor shall pay for any damage to the event space/building caused by the acts or omissions of a Patron/Vendor and its guests, employees, licensees, or invitees. Patron/Vendor is responsible for cleaning fees and any damage to carpets/flooring caused by spillage of any matter. Patron/Vendor shall not do, nor permit to be done, upon the premises/event space anything that will tend to injure, mar or in any manner deface the premises/event space.

Patron's/Vendor's Responsibility:


Contractor/Vendor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Owner/Handmade NW and its managing agents and employees from any claim, liability, damage, or loss occurring on the event premises, or any cost or expense in connection therewith (including attorney fees), arising out of (a) any damage to any person or property occurring in, on or about the event premises, (b) use by patron or its agents, guests, invitees or contractors of the event premises and/or the event building, and/or (c) Contractor/Vendor's breach or violation of any term of this Agreement.


Handmade NW, its organizers, its agents, event space and their owners, agents and customers shall not be held liable for damages to exhibitor's wares or personal property or for loss or injury caused by products sold or exhibited by exhibitors. Insurance for loss, damages or injury to Contractor/Vendor's property, to Contractor/Vendor or anyone helping the Contractor/Vendor at the booth space shall be the sole responsibility and cost of the Contractor/Vendor. The Contractor/Vendor will not be a party to any lawsuit. This is a legal and binding hold harmless agreement. The Contractor/Vendor also agree to comply with the established RULES, TERMS, CONDITIONDS, and GUIDELINES of Handmade NW and the event space of such planned events. Contractor/Vendor knows the role of Handmade NW and the event space owners is simply to provide the Contractor/Vendor with a selling space.
By accepting the terms and conditions of this document Patron/Vendor has agreed to the terms, conditions, guidelines, rules and regulations of Handmade NW LLC.